Sunday, October 20, 2013

Apologies for my serious absence from my dear blog. I have been designing my fingertips off and getting some really great stuff ready for the holidays. Anyways, fall has officially fallen upon us and I am seriously craving some cinnamon delights. Here are four recipes that have got me drooling. How delicious does all this look? and that cinnamon roll pie crust... brilliant?! I think so. What does fall have you craving?


Thursday, September 5, 2013

I haven't blogged because this weekend I celebrated National Bacon Day and I'm still recovering. I kid, but seriously I haven't had time to post. So here's a new weekly (hopefully) post. I love to look around Etsy. it's like a giant treasure hunt, you never know what cool stuff you might stumble upon. Each week I will share 4 really cool items from different shops. I hope you enjoy!

1 Gray December - Nesting measuring cups - This palette! Love. They remind me of something they would sell at Anthropologie and to say I'm obsessed with their homegoods would be an understatement. These would bring joy to any cook's kitchen.

2 Design Atelier Article - Fork & Knife bookends - I never thought I would love bookends, but these have captured my heart. These would be perfect for cookbooks. This UK based shop has a ton of other really great things too from hooks to wall clocks, it's a goldmine of awesome.

3 Red Stitch - Egg potholders - These are brilliant and adorable. I really love everything in this Amsterdam based shop. Seriously, that image alone makes you NEED these, right?

4 Maricor Maricar - Corn Cobbed Print - I love the work of Maricor Maricar. She does crazy embroidery. This is a print of one of her original works, how stinking cute?!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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I love me some wood floors. No vacuuming and so pretty. Lately I've been seeing more and more painted wood floors and I am really digging it. I have always loved bold pops of color and I think it's just a great way to add that if you want to keep your walls simple white. I even love the white floors with white walls though, so chic. As much as I love it, I'm not sure how well it would really wear or better yet wash. Oh, being practical! So overrated. What do you think, rad or just plain old bad? 


Monday, August 19, 2013

This week I went peach picking for the first time. Honestly, I never even knew I could do such a thing in Massachusetts. I thought it was only something that grew in the South. Silly me! Needless to say when I heard I could do this, right here at home, I was all over it! It was a little harder than I expected, some small snips would have been super helpful, but gosh was it worth it. We picked mostly Saturn Peaches (aka donut peaches) and they are more than delicious. They are so juicy and sweet, I'm slightly obsessed. My boyfriend and I love to cook so we made some Southern Peach Cobbler. Unfortunately we ate it faster than I could snap a picture, but that's ok. Eat it don't tweet it! We also made some "freezer jam" which is basically a less scary version of canning. That whole botulism thing scares me too much to try canning. Both of these recipes get the thumbs up and I strongly suggest you go pick some peaches. If you can't find an orchard with peach trees, go get some donut peaches. You won't regret it!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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This week I'm making a little trip to Brooklyn with my boyfriend. We base pretty much all of our trips on where we plan to eat. That's normal, right? We have a few must try places on our list for Brooklyn. 
Donuts from Dough, a slice of pizza from Best Pizza, some greasy goodness from Pie n Thighs, and some pickles from Brooklyn Brine. I love all the names too, from super obvious dough and BEST pizza to freaking Pie n Thighs?! I just can't wait to eat our little hearts out. The joy of going to a city to eat is you feel less bad because you have to walk so much. It's almost like you are burning the calories as you take em in. Well, at least that's how we justify our gluttonous behavior. Have any must-try Brooklyn bites? I am always open to more stops!


Friday, August 9, 2013

THIS watermelon plate | THAT watermelon tote

These two watermelon patterned things make my heart smile. That plate would be so adorable for a cookout and that tote, the cutest beach bag ever? I think so. The rain today has me watermelon dreaming...


Thursday, August 8, 2013

I really adore clean and simple interiors with splashes of color. I also adore all things vintage. If I could build my dream kitchen it would most definitely have lots of neutrals with my dreeeam appliance (yes, I have that) a SMEG fridge. I can't get enough of them, to me they just make a kitchen. Here are some kitchens with a poppin' SMEG fridge. How cute, right? So what's your dream appliance?.. please don't say you don't have one!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I've partnered up with Marie from Lemondrop Vintage for a little giveaway. Head on over to her blog to enter for a chance to win any 8x10 print in the shop! You've got 4 more days to enter.. get goin'! - GIVEAWAY OVER.


1 Root beer float | 2 Bourbon Root beer float | 3 Root beer float party

I'm personally all for celebrating any "National" day that is food or drink related. Today just so happens to be National Root Beer Float Day. Um, where were these days when I was a kid? Time to make up for lost time. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate. When in Rome...


Just getting this up & running! I've been busy getting things ready to sell at Crompton Collective in Worcester. It is an awesome vintage & handmade store. If you are in Worcester, MA make sure to stop in and check it out!