Thursday, September 5, 2013

I haven't blogged because this weekend I celebrated National Bacon Day and I'm still recovering. I kid, but seriously I haven't had time to post. So here's a new weekly (hopefully) post. I love to look around Etsy. it's like a giant treasure hunt, you never know what cool stuff you might stumble upon. Each week I will share 4 really cool items from different shops. I hope you enjoy!

1 Gray December - Nesting measuring cups - This palette! Love. They remind me of something they would sell at Anthropologie and to say I'm obsessed with their homegoods would be an understatement. These would bring joy to any cook's kitchen.

2 Design Atelier Article - Fork & Knife bookends - I never thought I would love bookends, but these have captured my heart. These would be perfect for cookbooks. This UK based shop has a ton of other really great things too from hooks to wall clocks, it's a goldmine of awesome.

3 Red Stitch - Egg potholders - These are brilliant and adorable. I really love everything in this Amsterdam based shop. Seriously, that image alone makes you NEED these, right?

4 Maricor Maricar - Corn Cobbed Print - I love the work of Maricor Maricar. She does crazy embroidery. This is a print of one of her original works, how stinking cute?!