Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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This week I'm making a little trip to Brooklyn with my boyfriend. We base pretty much all of our trips on where we plan to eat. That's normal, right? We have a few must try places on our list for Brooklyn. 
Donuts from Dough, a slice of pizza from Best Pizza, some greasy goodness from Pie n Thighs, and some pickles from Brooklyn Brine. I love all the names too, from super obvious dough and BEST pizza to freaking Pie n Thighs?! I just can't wait to eat our little hearts out. The joy of going to a city to eat is you feel less bad because you have to walk so much. It's almost like you are burning the calories as you take em in. Well, at least that's how we justify our gluttonous behavior. Have any must-try Brooklyn bites? I am always open to more stops!


  1. Oh my those donuts! I want them so much. I recently cut out gluten and I am missing donuts terribly.

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