Monday, August 19, 2013

This week I went peach picking for the first time. Honestly, I never even knew I could do such a thing in Massachusetts. I thought it was only something that grew in the South. Silly me! Needless to say when I heard I could do this, right here at home, I was all over it! It was a little harder than I expected, some small snips would have been super helpful, but gosh was it worth it. We picked mostly Saturn Peaches (aka donut peaches) and they are more than delicious. They are so juicy and sweet, I'm slightly obsessed. My boyfriend and I love to cook so we made some Southern Peach Cobbler. Unfortunately we ate it faster than I could snap a picture, but that's ok. Eat it don't tweet it! We also made some "freezer jam" which is basically a less scary version of canning. That whole botulism thing scares me too much to try canning. Both of these recipes get the thumbs up and I strongly suggest you go pick some peaches. If you can't find an orchard with peach trees, go get some donut peaches. You won't regret it!